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High Street
West End
North Wales

1980's View
Image 1
1980's West End after the High Street bend
Enid on the West End
Image 2
1960's with local resident Enid included in the photo
Enid has sadly since passed away (behind her is an 8 year old Victor who still lives in the Village today).
A Parry Chemist and Tobacconist
Image 3
Early 1900 outside the Jubilee Central buildings
Now with Lines on the Road
Image 4
Edging along slightly and a later view with a Car
Street View 1919
Image 5
Moving along a bit more 1919 Photographic image
With families on the Street
Image 6
Similar position a very nice Photographic image
Showing Bike and Car in distance
Image 7
1925 A bike on the hedge and car in the distance
North End of Trefriw High Street
Image 8
1910 View with Alma House middle of right
House which was later Demolished
Image 9
1910 View of final bend with Top Road on the left
Trefriw postcard with a Duplex postmark
Image 10
1905 High Street View entering from Conwy
Shows crumbling from Top Road so corner house in image 9 was later demolished
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