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General Views
of Trefriw
North Wales

Looking towards Conway Valley
Image 1
1900 brilliant raised art effect Postcard
Trefriw Tops 1905
Image 2
1905 View across Trefriw and Valley
Panoramic View
Image 3
Panoramic View into and over Trefriw
Later Panoramic View
Image 4
This view catches the houses on Top Road being built
North East View of Trefriw
Image 5
Looking from the River at The Old Ship area
South East View of Trefriw
Image 6
View of Trefriw from the South East
Llanrwst to Trefriw
Image 7
1950's General View from the Llanrwst Road
The Terraces at Trefriw
Image 8
The Terraces as seen from River Conway
Taken from near Gowers
Image 9
Early View of Trefriw from the River
Taken from the Tops of Llanrwst
Image 10
1950's Conwy Valley View from above Llanrwst
View of Trefriw
Image 11
Lovely Scenic View across to Trefriw
1905 General View
Image 12
1905 General View of Trefriw & Valley
Published by Arthur Parry
Image 13
Published by Arthur Parry Llanrwst 1910
Photographic Trefriw View
Image 14
Nice Photographic View of the Village
Panoramic View from Above
Image 15
1950's Panoramic View of Trefriw
River Conway Bend Between Llanrwst & Trefriw
Image 16
A 1950's View with the River Conway bends
General View by Promise
Image 17
1950's View later reused by Promise in the 1970's
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